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BOSS 2.0

Brain Optimization Strategies & Support

for teens & adults

Learn to be the “BOSS” of your thoughts & actions, decrease distractions, and thrive versus just survive!

A program for teens and adults who have ADHD-like symptoms, executive function skill deficits, processing speed concerns, cognitive, and/or sensory concerns and helps them lead a more productive life.

About BOSS 2.0

The idea of BOSS 2.0 was birthed out of a passion and desire to help students having difficulties with attention and focus, social skills, sensory strategies, and executive functioning. 

The first BOSS class was offered back in 2017 and has grown and is a successful and amazing program helping students with strategies and support for some of the struggles they might encounter with social situations, classroom behaviors and attention, and the executive functioning skills needed to be a strong student and be more productive in life.

 Just because someone grows up, the struggles don't magically go away! There is still a need for support, coaching, and accountability. This brought about the clinic-based BOSS 2.0 program focusing on processing speed, sensory strategies, executive functioning skill support, coaching, accountability, etc.

Please contact us for more information!

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