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1. Contact us.

You can fill out our Online Client Intake Form and Insurance Intake Form or Contact Us by phone or email.


2. We contact you after we receive the online forms. 

After you fill out the online forms, Child's Play staff will contact you back to get more information on your specific concerns and collect any additional information that may be needed.

3. We will verify your insurance benefits.

We will verify your insurance benefits for therapy services, then reach back out to provide you a summary of the information.


4. Email you the rest of the intake forms.

We will send an email with the insurance information and the rest of the intake paperwork.

5. Set up a time for an evaluation & follow-up treatment sessions. 

Evaluations are typically one hour long and consist of comprehensive testing to assess all areas of concern. Treatment sessions are usually 45-60 minutes in length depending on insurance.

6. Come to CPPT on your scheduled evaluation date and time.

We look forward to meeting and getting to know you and your child! Once an initial evaluation is complete the therapist will write up the findings, discuss those findings with the parent, and go over goals and the plan for treatment and begin therapy services to address the areas of concern!

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